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Seamlessly integrate your entire software suite. Connect your e-scheduler to accept appointments on a beautifully created, high-converting landing page or connect your Shopify account to split test products during campaigns.
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You don’t have to go at it alone. A Stiddle professional is always just one call or a click away! Giving you the peace of mind that you need when running your business, our support team is always here to walk you through any questions and help you navigate through your account anytime. We pride ourselves in our live customer service, striving to give our customers the greatest satisfaction possible while using Stiddle.

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Stiddle social media marketing & advertising services

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Stiddle social media marketing & advertising services

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Stiddle social media marketing & advertising services

Stiddle social media marketing & advertising services

The Guarantee

The Stiddle guarantee is something we take pride in. If you don’t see results from the advertisements you run with Stiddle within your 7-days trial period, we will extend your trial for free, no questions asked.
Frequently Asked Questions
01How do I pay for my online advertising?
If you decide to cancel your Stiddle subscription, nothing will happen to your campaigns.They will continue to run on Facebook and Instagram until their end date. You’ll be able to manage and edit your campaigns anytime directly from their native platform. After your subscription ends, you will no longer have access to Stiddle's analytics and ad creation tools until you renew your subscription.
The platform and the majority of Stiddle's resources are in English, however we also offer anative translator with access to over 108 languages. Live support and documentation are offered in both Mandarin and English.
The spend limit depends on which plan you choose; it is a monthly limit that resets each month on your billing day and only refers to campaigns created via Stiddle.
The limit refers to the amount you can manage via the platform for campaigns created in Stiddle, but you will still be billed by Facebook and Instagram for the advertising spend itself.
For more information, please visit the Help Center.

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FEATURES Stiddle social media marketing & advertising services CORE Stiddle social media marketing & advertising services POPULAR Stiddle social media marketing & advertising services PROFESSIONAL Stiddle social media marketing & advertising services
A.I. Targeting
Stiddle's AI-powered targeting gives you the highest-converting audiences for your ads
Over 50,000 High Performing Audiences
Access over 50,000+ of Stiddle’s recommended audiences, targeted both through interest and demographics. (Interest, Age, Location, Relationship Status, etc.)
Manual Targeting
Easily customize campaigns the traditional way with manual targeting and custom audiences.
Easy Retargeting Campaigns
Create easy retargeting campaigns with saved audiences made up of leads who didn’t convert the first time around.
High Coverting Offer Generation
Choose between our high-converting offers, generated just for your campaign, to give your ideal customer the most appealing incentive to click on your ad.
Ad Creative Generation
Stiddle automatically generates a high-converting ad creative based off of your offer. Alternatively, design your ad with Canva without ever leaving Stiddle or upload your own creative.
Automated Budget Allocation Coming soon!
Stiddle will automatically allocate your adspend based on the performance of your campaigns.
Free Stock Photos
Select free stock photos to use as your ad creative and in your landing pages.
Saved Custom Audiences
Save custom audiences (customer (.CSV) audiences, video audiences, profile audiences, landing page audiences, website audiences, etc.)
Up to 5 Saved Audiences
Unlimited Saved Audiences
Unlimited Saved Audiences
Stiddle's Effectiveness Rating
Let Stiddle give you an ad rating and recommendations on how to improve campaign performance.
Maximum Facebook adspend allowed on Stiddle.
Up to $1,000/ mo
Up to $2,500/ mo
Unlimited AdSpend
Split Test Shopify Products Coming soon!
Split test products from your Shopify store with a Stiddle landing page. Easily retarget leads that may not have purchased a product from your landing page.
Landing Pages      
Easy Landing Page Creation
Easily create a landing page for your Shopify products/ e-scheduler, or just use a form to collect leads.
1 Landing Page
Up to 3 Landing Pages
Unlimited Landing Pages
Drag n'drop landing page editor
Use the easy drag n' drop editor to customize your landing page (no need for any code)
High Converting Landing Page Templates
Choose between one of our high-converting landing page templates and customize it. This will serve as the end of your campaign funnel.
Shopify Integration with Landing Page Coming soon!
Split test products from your Shopify store with a Stiddle landing page. Easily retarget leads that may not have purchased a product from your landing page.
E-schedular integration with Landing Page Coming soon!
Integrate your preferred e-scheduler (view list here) with your landing page, allowing visitors to book directly from your landing page. Easily retarget leads that didn’t book the first time.
Native forms integration with Landing Page
Collect information from leads on your Stiddle landing page after someone clicks on your ad and fills out a native form.
Connect Custom Domain Coming soon!
Track Analytics that Matter, with over 50 metrics to choose from
Customize analytics dashboard through selecting metrics that are important to you.
CRM (My Leads)      
Track all leads in one hub
View and manage all your leads and customers in Stiddle.
Store up to 1,500 leads/contacts
Store up to 15,000 leads/contacts
Store unlimited leads/contacts
Stiddle's Easy CRM
View all your leads and customers in one place, track their activity to see where they came from, click one button to follow up with them via. email or phone.
Follow up with leads without leaving Stiddle
Easily followup with your leads directly from your lead profile page. Connect your Active Campaign or MailChimp account to send followup emails and add leads to sequences.
Compose and send individual messages to your leads with our Mailchimp integration without leaving Stiddle
Track your lead's engagement
Track exactly where your lead came from, view their recent activities, understand their interactions with you and create/access lead notes.
Export your leads directly to mailchimp or via CSV file
Export your leads from Stiddle via a CSV file into your CRM or SMTP system of choice.
Lead email sequence (Mailchimp, Activecampaign)
Forward your leads from your landing page to a MailChimp or Active Campaign sequence or tag them into a list.
Add leads manually
Create leads manually, keep track of their contact information and add notes to their profile. Use these leads later in Stiddle retargeting campaigns.
IOS & Android App Coming soon!
Download our mobile IOS and Android app to view your campaign performance and analytics.
Track analytics on the go Coming soon!
Track your analytics and campaign metrics on the go.
View your campaign performance
View your campaign performance and effectiveness ratings at a glance. Turn your campaigns on/off with the toggle of a switch.
Toggle on and off current and previous campaigns
Email Support
Get 24/7 access to email support
Chat Support
Get 24/7 access to chat support. Chat with a real person live.
Live Call Support
Call our live support Monday through Friday, 9AM - 5PM
Live Video Support
Schedule a live video call with one of our support reps.
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