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About James Bender

CEO, Co-Founder of Stiddle
James Bender
CEO, Co-Founder


James Bender
CEO, Co-Founder


James Bender is Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at Stiddle. As the CEO, James faces many tasks including finances, raising capital, interviewing interns, managing employees, and business development. Prior to starting Stiddle, James founded and operated a Bay Area leading marketing firm, Bender Marketing. At Bender Marketing James managed a staff of over a dozen employees while facing many business development challenges. Prior to Bender Marketing, James founded a global clothing brand known today as Kingston Apparel. With the development and manufacturing knowledge James carries from Kingston Apparel and Bender Marketing, he has developed impeccable know-how and experience in business development and marketing. After operating as the CEO of Bender Marketing, James realized that many smaller businesses were left behind and unable to afford his company’s marketing services. This set James on a mission to build an alternative for local and hyper-local businesses to advertise their products and services without the technical know-how or high finances to do so. For this reason, James founded Stiddle. With prior knowledge and experience in B2B and B2C business ventures and marketing, James has experienced many challenges throughout day-to-day work life. However, James has always found a solution to every challenge to further his work-load and productivity. James currently sits on the board of a California non-profit, Vertex Biology, and frequently travels around the globe to volunteer in the building and aid of homes and schoolhouses for under-privileged youth. James is incredibly passionate about his business ventures and stops at nothing to complete the task at hand and further business development.
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