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The Stiddle Vision

Stiddle will be an all-in-one advertising solution for all businesses,
no matter the size or industry, automating high-scale results.

James Bender, Co – Founder & CEO at Stiddle


Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify digital marketing while making it accessible and affordable for all businesses.


The Guarantee

The Stiddle guarantee is something we take pride in. If you don’t see results from the advertisements you run with Stiddle within your 7-days trial period, we will extend your trial for free, no questions asked.

Our Journey

We are here to help all businesses no matter the industry, size, or stature; we always provide the best automated advertising solutions, for a tenth of the price of an agency.


Our Promise

We take immense pride in our customer support team. Our live customer success team is only a call or message away. Reach one of our representatives by calling our toll-free phone number or simply message our in-app, live chat support.

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