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Stiddle outperforms ad
agencies for less than a coffee!

Powered by Artificial Intelligence. Stiddle is able to outperform ad
agencies for a fraction of their price. Using your favorite platforms!


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The average Appointments a business generates from Facebook Ads per month

2 Billion+

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People to target using Stiddle
with Facebook


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The Average per month a business saves by using Stiddle

Create your own ad or
let Stiddle make one for you.

By connecting your Facebook and Instagram, our AI analyzes your niche, competitors, target customers, etc. then builds the perfect online ad that people will click on. Ohh, and it’s all done for you!
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Stiddle social media marketing & advertising servicesStiddle social media marketing & advertising services


A budget that works for everyone. Only pay for results!

No matter the size of your advertising budget, Stiddle will squeeze the maximum results to produce the best performing, low cost advertisements possible.
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Connect your appointment software to find the cost to acquire each booking.

Stiddle connects to your e-scheduler, our thousands of integrations allow you to understand your customer’s behavior.
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Stiddle social media marketing & advertising servicesStiddle social media marketing & advertising services
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Integrate your E-commerce platform

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Integrate your E-commerce platform to create high converting landing pages.

Send your customers straight to your auto-generated landing page that is integrated with your preferred e-commerce platform, like Shopify.
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Stiddle social media marketing & advertising services
Choose from only the highest-converting
Let customers book an
Choose your favorite booking platform, integrate it with
Stiddle and send your customers to your landing site.
Connect your Ecommerce
to add products
Integrate your preferred E-commerce platform to use your product catalog with Stiddle’s auto-generated landing page.
Let customers book an appointment
Add a video to explain your
Customers are more engaged when you create a video to promote your product / service
Collect emails to grow your
eblast list
Email marketing is one of the best ways to increase your sales and bookings. Manage all your leads using Stiddle.
Features that don’t overwhelm


Easy to use analytics


Know the exact cost to acquire a customer


Integrate with Stiddle


Stiddle knows your ideal customer


Create a full ad funnel without leaving Stiddle


Run high performing ads on Instagram & FB


Out perform your competitors


Let Stiddle create beautiful landing pages


Collect emails & follow-up with your leads

Choose a better way to advertise

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Stiddle social media marketing & advertising services

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