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Drive more clients to your

Increase appointments from pre-qualified locals with location-based targeting.

Get it right the first time!

No more high-cost ad agencies just to display ads to random audiences! Beauty industry marketing often isn’t easy. With Stiddle, you can increase foot traffic and bookings right from your laptop. Our AI is able to find the beauty clients you have been looking for. Let Stiddle take care of your beauty industry social media marketing while you do what you’re best at – making your clients beautiful.

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Literally, the easiest way to get more local clinic clients.

Stiddle social media marketing & advertising services

1 Targeted Advertisement
Stiddle social media marketing & advertising servicesStiddle social media marketing & advertising services
2 Pick an incentive

After we drive targeted traffic, we send your leads straight to a landing page created natively using Stiddle.

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Stiddle social media marketing & advertising services

3 Understand Customers

Simple in-app customer management. Manage all customer activities in-app, from bookings to sales.

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Track your exact cost to get a customer with Stiddle!

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Stiddle is truly the easiest, all-in-one advertising solution for beauty industry businesses to generate real, trackable results. On your dashboard you will be able to see your exact cost per appointment as well as other analytics that will help your beauty business generate more results.

agency advertising
Capture leads from a custom landing page, the easy way!
Let customers book an
Choose your favorite booking platform, integrate it with Stiddle and send your customers to your landing site.
Connect your Ecommerce
to add products
Integrate your preferred E-commerce platform to use your product catalog with Stiddle’s auto-generated landing page.
Let customers book an appointment
Add a video to explain your
Customers are more engaged when you create a video to promote your product / service
Collect emails to grow your
eblast list
Email marketing is one of the best ways to increase your sales and bookings. Manage all your leads using Stiddle.

Integrate your software suite.

Seamlessly integrate your entire software suite. Connect your e-scheduler to accept appointments on a beautifully created, high-converting landing page or connect your Shopify account to split test products during campaigns.
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