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Help your clients deliver visits to their business.

Increase sales from purchase-hungry, qualified, online consumers with specific targeting.

Get it right the first time!

Are you an agency advertising on Facebook looking to increase leads and sales while managing your clients? Stiddle allows you to do all that in one single platform. Your clients rely on your advertising agency to deliver results. However, it is always a hectic process when it comes to finding your clients ideal audience. With Stiddle’s AI, you will be able to automatically
target the best audience, backed by Facebook’s vast database. Stiddle is the best advertising solution for agencies to manage clients, leads, landing pages, and audiences.

facebook advertising for agency
facebook advertising for agency
Literally, the easiest way to advertise for your clients.

Stiddle social media marketing & advertising services

1 Targeted Advertisement
Stiddle social media marketing & advertising servicesStiddle social media marketing & advertising services
2 Pick an incentive

After we drive targeted traffic, we send your leads straight to a landing page created natively using Stiddle.

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Stiddle social media marketing & advertising services

3 Understand Customers

Simple in-app customer management. Manage all customer activities in-app, from bookings to sales.

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No need to use several softwares to run effective ads.

adspent & stiddle

Track the exact number of bookings/sales from your campaigns.

No need to use a landing page software, ad designing software, or even Facebook’s complicated Ads Manager. You can now create a complete, effective marketing funnel from targeting ads to creating a landing page funnel. Everything you need to manage and optimize social media marketing for your agency client’s are all in Stiddle!

agency advertising
Capture leads from a custom landing page, the easy way!
Let customers book an
Choose your favorite booking platform, integrate it with Stiddle and send your customers to your landing site.
Connect your Ecommerce
to add products
Integrate your preferred E-commerce platform to use your product catalog with Stiddle’s auto-generated landing page.
Let customers book an appointment
Add a video to explain your
Customers are more engaged when you create a video to promote your product / service
Collect emails to grow your
eblast list
Email marketing is one of the best ways to increase your sales and bookings. Manage all your leads using Stiddle.

Integrate your software suite.

Seamlessly integrate your entire software suite. Connect your e-scheduler to accept appointments on a beautifully created, high-converting landing page or connect your Shopify account to split test products during campaigns.
Local Retail
Stiddle partners
Share Stiddle. Get a recurring 50% revenue split per subscription.

Choose a business model that works for your agency. Regardless of which model you choose, you can earn revenue share for every new client that purchases a Stiddle plan.

* The partnership offer on this page only applies to the Stiddle Popular Plan and above.

Stiddle social media marketing & advertising services Stiddle social media marketing & advertising services

If you manage paid ad funnels for clients . . .

Simply manage multiple clients within your Stiddle dashboard. Manage their campaigns, landing pages, and leads all in one platform.

Stiddle social media marketing & advertising services Stiddle social media marketing & advertising services

If you are turning down low budget clients . . .

We understand many agency leads are not be able to afford agency rates. In this case, refer leads to Stiddle, and we’ll do the rest.

See how Stiddle works!